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Posted on Apr 24, 2014
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Posted on Aug 29, 2013


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Posted on Dec 07, 2010
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You might remember the beautiful parents-to-be Rebecca and Jeremi from a few posts back.  Well they are no longer in the ‘to-be’ status and have delivered a healthy baby girl named Katelynn! 

I have loved working with you both and wish you the best in the upcoming months of travel and an exciting new life in Mexico City.






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Posted on Sep 12, 2009
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This was a super exciting traveling week!  It started with a wedding in San Jose, CA and ended with a bridal shoot in Harlingen, TX, but the very best part by far were the days in the middle.  JP and I got to spend 4 wonderful days with the lovely little girl you see below.  Her name is Scarlett and she is the newest member of the family!  

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Posted on Aug 06, 2009
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I had a ton of fun shooting this little girls 3 month baby portraits! Her name is Carter Elizabeth and she brought along her baby body guard Fisher to help out.  
Fisher is a Great Dane and we got some really fun shots of him too. The last one makes Fisher look a little crazy, but he was a total sweetheart…its is in here because it makes me laugh out loud every time I see it!  


baby feet.jpg
polka dots.jpg
three shoes.jpg
doggie vertical.jpg
crazy dog.jpg
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